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    INVENCO annually performs over 20 cases on enforcement of intellectual property rights, mostly related to the anti-trafficking and producing counterfeit. The Firm has worked closely with the National Office of Intellectual Property, Managing Market Department, Economic Police, Science and Technology Inspectorate, Customs Department to effectively enforce the client’s IP rights. Typically, INVENCO was the representative of Sumatra Indonesia to seize and destroy more than 2 million counterfeit JET cigarettes, with the estimated seized counterfeit goods more than US$1 million; or helped Vietnam Milk Company (VINAMILK) to win a foreign dairy company in the legal proceeding in respect of IP rights in New York (USA). The other famous cases are Panadol-Paradol, Miliket-Mikimek, Choco Pie – First Pie, Everon, etc.

    Our attorneys can guide you and provide services in the following processes:

    IP Rights enforcement by administrative measures

    Apart from sending a cease & desist letter to infringers, an administrative action is the best option if the IPR holder's ultimate goal is to stop ongoing-IPR infringement. An administrative action is also a strong and effective remedy in cases involving counterfeits or infringing goods that cause irreparable harm to consumers or the public.

    IP litigation and dispute resolution

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